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Nothing gives me more joy than to bring you yet another success story from Flying Solo. I first featured them almost two years ago at their original store location in Mulberry Street. They had about 20 designers and it was all hands on deck as they came together to make one of the founders, Elizabeth Solomeina’s vision come to life. To create a hub for new designers to showcase their collections under one roof; A community to help support one another and allow them to have a storefront for their designers. Not an easy task, especially for new designers in the heart of NYC.

Almost two years on, they’ve accomplished that vision and beyond. They moved to a much larger location on W Broadway Street, have expanded the amount of designers to over 70, have had two successful NYFW shows and will be having their third in September at Pier 59, before heading to Paris for PFW which will showcase over 30 of their designers.

If that all wasn’t impressive enough they have now opened another location a few minutes away from their W Broadway street location. The location, The Copper room, at 76 Wooster in New York is another inspired idea by Solomeina and co-founder, Daniel Silverstain. As you step in to the studio space, you feel like you’re walking into an art gallery. Bright and vibrant, reflecting the style now synonymous with Flying Solo, works of (clothing) art hang on the wall. The entire location serves as a place for VIP clients to shop and a place for stylist to go and pull clothes for shoots. A bar on the left, an area for the Flying Solo team as well as a place to serve drinks to their clients.

As we walk downstairs pictures of the Flying Solo team hang on the wall. A photo, it turns out was taken moments before Solomeina gathered the designers together to take before revealing to them exactly what her and Silverstain had been planning the past few months. The expansion of Flying Solo will only help the designers in their quest to establish themselves in New York.

Around the corner is a meeting area in the round that will allow the designers to convene and chat about their upcoming business. Further down the hall, fish and a water display decorate the space. Beautifully laid out rails will hold designers latest collections and pulls for clients and stylists. Whilst a private changing room area will serve as a space for VIP’s to try on clothes specially pulled for them in privacy. The area is decorated with a whole wall of just a small amount of editorials Flying Solo and their designers have been featured in.

Whilst Solomeina shows me around the location explaining their plans for the space, a cameraman follows us as Solomeina is filming a documentary on her and Flying Solo. Just another testament to how successful and interested people are by their story and their continued expansion and accomplishments. Before even making a formal announcement about The Copper Room, Stylist were already a buzz about the upcoming opportunities they’d have to utilize it and the designers for their upcoming projects.

This is all before we’ve even stepped in to the Flying Solo store to meet the latest offerings from their designers that I’m about to interview. As always, Flying Solo manages to get the cream of the crop of designers, with many vying for a spot in the now infamous store. From apparel, jewelry, swimwear right through to hats, here are some of the latest collections from the exciting designers I met whilst there.

Acid NYC Clothing is a men and womenswear brand based in New York. Acid brand have created a collection heavy on vibrant prints. Inspired by their surroundings with everything from the beauty of nature, to technology, think computer circuit boards and colored wires, spoke to them to create the collection of manipulated graphics. Focused on pieces that will take you from day to night. All pieces are made in New York City’s garment district.

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