The Knockturnal: UNWONTED And ACID NYC Showcase Fall/ Winter 2019 Collections In Chelsea

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Unwonted and ACID NYC’s runway shows hit Union West Events in West Chelsea on Sunday.

With eight designer runway shows, multiple cutting-edge collections, and hundreds of guests in contemporary dress, New York Fashion Week was in full swing in West Chelsea on Sunday, February 10th.

Just a few feet from The High Line, Nolcha Shows were comprised of eight brands debuting their Fall/ Winter 2019 collections. UNWONTED and ACID NYC were the first to showcase their designs at Union West Events on West 28th Street.

At 12:15 p.m. sharp, the seating area to the runway was opened. Guests entered the space, filling it entirely. The UNWONTED show began promptly, promoting ready-to-wear designs for women, men, and children.

Adult and child models were included in the show, as well as suitcases, and apparel that emulated sheer comfortability and mobility. One hundred pieces of each design were said to be released, as the brand strives for quality and exclusivity. Each is engraved with a unique serial number.

The theme of the collection was centered around balance, and as said in the pamphlet given to guests by the brand, “is inspired by the intimate relationship between material and cut.” Loose-fitting pants, A-line silhouettes, and asymmetrical outfits were all highlights of the collection. UNWONTED was founded in New York City in 2018 by designers Lujin Zhang, Zampano Lin, Yokiri Qin, and Yanting Zhao.

At 3:15 p.m. the seating area was opened once again as guests settled in to see the next brand’s Fall/ Winter 2019 collection. ACID NYC was founded in 2014 by the design team of Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester, who work together as a design team in New York City. At 3:30, their collection took center stage, as the first models swiftly graced the runway.

Geometric prints and edgy cuts in various shapes were notable elements from the show. The designers named their collection, “Architectura,” taking inspiration from urban architecture. “The theme of this collection was architecture. Our inspiration, in part came from New York City, from the Neoclassical buildings which are landmark older buildings with beautiful structures, and also modern buildings that are mostly glass,” said Evelyn Luna, co-designer of ACID NYC, “The dresses that were orange and blue were inspired by sunsets reflecting off of  glass, or daytime sky and trees reflecting on glass.”

Luna and Chester joined in discussion about the prevalent issue of fast fashion in textile industries, and how sustainability is important to them. “There’s a huge mass market situation going on. It’s called fast fashion, which means you are buying something, and then you are throwing it away in the next season,” said fellow designer Scott Chester, “We make sure our clothing grows old well. For example, if you bought something now, after fifty washes, it’s going to look weathered-in, it’s going to be comfortable. You’re going to keep it, you’re not going to throw it out because it’s out of fashion or out of style.”

The two produce in small quantities to avoid contributing to the wasteful toll taken on the environment by other companies that prioritize profit over caused pollution. “We’re not aspiring to be mass distributors, of clothing,” said Chester. The duo agreed that sustainability is vital to their brand known for striking designs and textures. “We make quality pieces, we try to make sure everything is well made,” said Luna, “If you look at the clothing, it may seem bright, colorful, or outlandish, but if you really look at the construction and structure of the clothing, they’re classics. They’re classics that we’ve put color, prints, and little details on to make them different. Anything that is classic is going to last you, it’s a luxury thing because you want it to last a long time.”

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