This season we stay shallow not diving too deep so as to not make waves. This season we languish on the sand in silk and blow in the breeze of salt air. We breach the surface of texture, our designs being filled with light and yet we are firmly anchored in our colorful community.

In this collection we take you on an adventure to the waters of the Polynesian islands, the Great barrier reef or the colorful beaches of the Caribbean islands. Sheer voiles and silks printed in fire coral,anemone and scallop shells prints, stretch fabrics in Jelly fish, and mother of pearl patterns. Delicate and rich colors flow seamlessly while matte, glossy and shimmer swim together in a sea of textures. Solids silks that shimmer and flow like water in colors of the sunset,the sea and all the beautiful sea creatures living within it.

Our shapes transform from flowing layers of sheer voile sleeves and skirts, to structured silk iridescent duppioni that mimic lobster and oyster shapes in there construction and change color as they move. Every piece is an invitation to dive in and go on this exotic journey to the sea. Whether you wear it to your office or a special event its colorful essence is bound to turn heads!



Fire Coral
Fish Anemone
Mother of Pearl
Peach/Burnt Orange
Aqua/Ocean Blue
Light Kiwi/Seaweed
Seafoam Green
Dark Orange
Denim Shimmer


‘Jellyfish’ bag in Aqua/floral leather
‘Jellyfish’ bag in Aqua perforated leather
‘Jellyfish’ bag in Mauve perforated leather
‘Scallop’ bag in Aqua perforated leather
‘Scallop’ clutch in Mauve perforated leather
‘Snapper’ fish bag in red textured leather
‘Angel Fish’ bag in purple textured leather
‘Discus Fish’ bag in yellow leather
‘Ruffle Clutch’ in Aqua floral leather
‘Ruffle Clutch’ in Burnt Orange floral leather
‘Life Preserver’ bag in Orange felt & reflective

Behind the scenes at the Nolcha Show 2016 at New York Fashion Week.